Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Morning Blues

Today I am a bit late in my posting, actually the weekend got away from me and the reading I was supposed to do, did not get done. Fatigue set in so much so that I could not bring myself to write last night, so this morning I am sharing some of my Monday Morning Blue favorites from Etsy with you and begging your patience and forgiveness for my lack of Monday morning review.
First is a London Pottery Teapot I found on Etsy, I love this brand of tea pot as the basket sits in side and the lid doesn't fall off. I have one in grey and I love it. This one is a beautiful color and you can view it in the A Certain Feel Etsy Shop by clicking here.

If my pockets were deep and full I would purchase this set of 4 Shelley Dainty Blue Teacups and saucers to match. These are priced at $169.06 and can be found in the MomAvaBackCabinet  Etsy Shop. 

Next up we are in need of some blue tea and this is perfect from Mortar and Petal Etsy shop, seriously I could use this tea right now! Their organic Blue Monday tea has everything I love in it!

Organic BLUE MONDAY Artisan Tea Blend - Bright and Floral - Darjeeling, Cornflower Petals, Lavender 

I am back to reading now wishing you a delightful day. 
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Art & Craft of Murder by Cozy Cat Parker

I downloaded this free cozy mystery short called The Art & Craft of Murder by Cozy Cat Parker. This (at time of publishing free) cozy was a lovely artist/tea shop themed cozy murder mystery that was good for a quick evening read. I loved the setting for the story and the idea behind a community of artists, the mystery is not too complex and easy to deduce but a good story, I did enjoy. To be totally honest I hate the cover, but the story was worth the second look. The cover did not capture the essence of the story at all, nor did it do justice to they way the cozy setting is described in the book all in all it just seems very out of place.
Misty Williams has finally achieved her dream of opening a teahouse in Whistler's Cove, a small town famous for its community of artists and crafters. But when the local gallery owner, Hilary Small, is poisoned in Misty's teahouse, and it begins to look as if the man Misty is in love with committed the murder, Misty must turn amateur sleuth in order to save the reputation of her teahouse and her hopes for romance.Set in an enchanting location, this cozy mystery will delight with its entertaining cast of humorous characters, including Misty's cat Miss Mabel, who plays a crucial part in revealing the true murderer.
Find this book on Amazon by clicking here.
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

On My Table and In My Cup April 15th-22nd

Yesterday The Queen celebrated her 91st birthday. One of my favorite quotes from the Queen is from a speech she made in 1991, "Let us not take ourselves too seriously, None of us has a monopoly on wisdom" I wish I could say I know her personally but this is a close to tea with the queen as I get. I loved this photo so much I printed and framed it, it is the Queen and her husband is dressed as one of her guards, the queen is laughing. Such personality, such spunk and such dedication. Long may she continue to reign. I lift my Murchies Vanilla Black tea to celebrate your years of service and life.
 Lots on my table this week and I am over 67 books read this year so far. Curiosity Killed Dolly Kendall is a cozy mystery short I read on Thursday.
I also finished A Killer Keepsake earlier in the week, this is a first in series by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs, a different cozy but a good cozy for sure.
Coming in May is Grandma Bertha Solving Murders by Matt Ferraz, a delightful read.
A fantastic paranormal by CC Dragon, Pick Your Potion, I can not wait to read the next in series!
Vickie Fee's One Fete in the Grave was a third in a series I so enjoy and this one is out this May.

I want to thank all of you who have contributed too or who are continuing to support our fundraiser for our friend Lisa K, if you would like more info on how you can help her out please click here.
In my Etsy shop I am still offering listings to help Lisa out as well. You can visit my Etsy shop by clicking here.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Curiosity Killed Dolly Kendall by Gillian Larkin

I read Curiosity Killed Dolly Kendall yesterday. This is a cozy short that is a lovely read.
I like cozies where the main characters are slightly older than most, and these well aged & widowed detectives do a great job of solving the murder of a lovely cat lover. 
I found this book from Lisa K, who shared a link when it was free earlier in the week. I think this book is a lovely deal priced just under $2 now on Amazon. A lovely break to have a well thought out cozy short on my table this week. 

Retired widows, Connie and Sable Butterworth have set up a private investigating business. Their second case involves the suspicious death of Dolly Kendall.Dolly is found dead at her home, supposedly from an overdose of sleeping tablets. Connie had spoken to Dolly the previous day and knew something wasn’t quite right with her. Dolly had been despondent, and it was obvious to Connie that something was bothering her.Connie and Sable’s investigation leads them to a devious plot involving missing cats and poisonous letters.

Click here to order your own copy of Gillian Larkin's Curiosity Killed Dolly Kendall on Amazon. 
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Killer Keepsake by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs

I finished A Killer Keepsake by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs yesterday.  This story had some really interesting elements. The mysteries were good and well entangled. I struggled with the subject matter of the horrible abuse suffered by some of the characters in the book and even though it is a cozy story with a cozy feeling ending, for me honestly it felt darker than most of the cozy mysteries that I am used to reading. I found I could not put it down however and was enchanted by the side story of the haunted doll. A Killer Keepsake is not your everyday cozy, it is however very, very good.

In the world of antiques and collectibles, it helps to have a sharp eye for quality, a good ear for gossip, and a nose for murder.When star reporter Molly Appleby exchanged vows with her new husband, she also made a promise to give up sleuthing. But given her knack for stumbling onto murders, and murderers, she’s realizing she never should have made a promise she couldn’t keep.Molly’s just finished an article on the Forget Me Not Doll Club for Collector’s Weekly, but before the magazine even hits the newsstands, one of the club members is found murdered, and a stolen antique doll—purportedly haunted—is found in the victim’s house. When police discover that few of the peculiar club members will mourn the deceased, and that most of them had more motives than alibis, they once again enlist Molly’s help to solve this very odd case. But piecing together a deadly puzzle is never easy, and when another member of the club is attacked, Molly begins to wonder if the eccentric group of doll lovers might have deeper and darker connections than she ever imagined. And as she begins to piece together the unusual background of the eerie doll and uncovers a history of troubled lives, she realizes there are more victims than the obvious ones in this case—and that some people will do anything to protect their darkest secrets.

To order your own copy of A Killer Keepsake on Amazon please click here.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tea Cozy Patterns To Ponder...

Today I am sharing some adorable tea cozies to make. The winter here was long and cold, and the Spring is wet and miserable, so I am using my cozy more and more. I started to think about some fun ones to try to make and came across these to share. While this one did not get a good review on the pattern I still really loved the look. Click here for this pdf pattern for purchase download. 
I found an Etsy shop with PDF for Purchase patterns that caught my eye in the Tea Cozy Folk Etsy shop, check out this globe and you will see why! 
Seriously with 110 patterns in her shop it was impossible to pick only one! Loved this Westie Cozy!
I loved this Cupcake Tea Cozy as well, this one offered as a PDF Pattern download for $1.64 is a sweet deal click here for the SewandSoUK Etsy shop

I hope you have fun making your own tea cozies, I think these are just so much fun! Back to reading for me now.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

Pick Your Potion by CC Dragon

Over the weekend I read the most wonderful paranormal cozy mystery by CC Dragon, Pick your Potion. I loved this story. This was a great mystery, with larger then life characters and the main character you can not help but love.  Claudia, a witch raised by her Wiccan Aunt, Gypsy Uncle and alongside her Gypsy twin cousins, now is a 25 year old coffee shop owner who employees Vampires and cares for werewolves and vampires and in this story even someone who hunts them.  The shop is called A Witches Brew, so fab!  I loved everything about this story from the cover, to the characters to the wonderfully cozy way it ended. This is a great start to what I hope will be a long running series. CC Dragon really gets this one right!
Gypsies, vamps, and weres…these are just some of the people powerful witch Claudia Crestwood and her friends protect. In the city of Hartford, Connecticut—years before Salem, there were witch trials. Now the paranormal coexist with humans, more or less. With the help of her hippie aunt and cousins, her gypsy uncle, and other paranormal friends, Claudia stands on the line between humans and paras—helping to keep the peace.When a human customer dies after an incident at the coffee shop, Claudia must dig into the case to protect the cafe and the coven. Threats have been made and what’s worse, she’s harboring a hunter wanted by the police in her basement. A hot and powerful wizard starts showing up in the shop when Claudia needs help and is at her worst. Intriguing and annoying… She isn’t sure she can trust him and his reclusive family but it’s time for her to dig deeper into the magical world.

This book is out now and I totally recommend it for those of you who love a good witchy cozy!
Click here to find it now on Amazon.
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Sunday, April 16, 2017

One Fete in the Grave by Vickie Fee

Last week I was more then delighted to find the ARC of One Fete in the Grave by Vickie Fee in my mail box. This is the third book in the Liv and Di in Dixie series and it is very well done. I have liked this series from the start. Enjoying the great friendship of Liv and Di as well as their family, friends and small town life, this is a true cozy mystery lovers series.  In the third book we find that Liv and her husband are still very much living in an ongoing renovation, and still with only one bathroom up and working, it's July, it's hot and there is so much going on. 
When a town councilman is found dead and Liv's mother boyfriend is arrested for murder, Liv and Di find themselves in the middle of yet another case.  I like the relationships in this series so much. I like that Di is a postal worker who lives in a trailer, that Liv and her husband are both busy working people. That Liv and her sister fight like sisters do and that life in Dixie is never boring. Vickie has done a great job with One Fete in the Grave and I was so delighted by the ending, I hope you will be too.

Party planner Liv McKay has outdone herself this time. She’s put together an unforgettable Fourth of July celebration for the town of Dixie, Tennessee—including breathtaking fireworks and an exciting Miss Dixie Beauty Pageant. Maybe a little too exciting.As the party is winding down, Liv’s sense of triumph fizzles when the body of town councilman Bubba Rowland is discovered on the festival grounds. And now the prime suspect in his murder is Liv’s mother’s fiancĂ©, Earl, who had a flare-up recently with Bubba. To clear Earl’s name, Liv and her best friend Di burst into action to smoke out the real killer before another life is extinguished . . .

One Fete in the Grave is being released May 30th, you can pre order it now on Amazon by clicking here.

Click here to learn more about the series and about author Vickie Fee 
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

On My Table and In My Cup April 8th-15th

A week has come and gone and we have had more rain then sunshine, I have heard more sadness and strife sadly then happy news,  I hope that as this week draws to a close the new week begining holds a much better times ahead for all of us. Checking back now on what I have had on my table this week...
Last night I finished One Fete in the Grace by Vicke Fee and I shall share my review in full with you all tomorrow. Such a lovely and welcome surprise this week to find it in my mail box.
I am still craving cupcakes and is it any wonder why when I have had Jenn McKinlay's latest cozy on my table. Loved the characters and story in this one too!

A Frying Shame was a read I enjoyed, first in series for me and lots of fun.

Lena Gregory's Occult and Battery was a wonderful paranormal cozy read that I enjoyed along with  the traditional cozies this week. Loved the story line and characters in this second in series.
I reopened my Etsy shop in hopes of helping out a dear friend in troubling times, if you would like to help out to please click here to learn more. 

I have had my old standby Murchies Vanila in my cup most of the week, but I also had some peppermint tea and some lavender black in my tea pot this week. I am looking into a tea line to hopefully add to my tea shop and shall let you all know about it when I have settled on a line. Until then I am ever so grateful that you choose to spend your time with me. Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a week in review. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

Friday, April 14, 2017

Three Etsy Favorites For Book and Tea Lovers Like Me

I am not finished reading Vickie Fee's new Liv and Di in Dixie book, as I had my niece most of Thursday, so I am sharing a few fun finds from Etsy with you today. The first one is a fun assortment of tea from The First Addition Tea Co. This is a fun shop with some great teas for book lovers and this collection caught my eye. This shop is reasonably priced and I am thrilled it is based in Toronto Canada. Click here for shop and listings.

I do occasionally use a mug and this one is really cute and right up my alley. This is offered by Enchanted Prints Etsy shop and can be viewed by clicking here. I love it on a mug, if I had wall space I think I would have a framed print...
The last fun find to share today is something I think is pretty cool, I used to covet the little stickers people put in their books but now I love the library press idea, for books, envelopes etc
I think I may have to have one of these made up for myself. The Print Mint has a large assortment of these embossers and I think it would be fun to choose one don't you? Click here to see what I am talking about.
Thank you for joining me today for a cup of tea and a look at some of my Etsy Favorites. I will be back with more to share tomorrow and a review for you on Sunday.
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Jenn McKinlay's Caramel Crush

Today I am reviewing author Jenn McKinlay's Caramel Crush. This is the first book in the series for me, 9th book in the series for Jenn McKinlay, boy have I been missing out. This was a great cozy. A perfect read on a day when I needed an escape more than I craved a cupcake.
Even though I did not know or understand the backstory of these characters it really did not matter and I fell quickly into step. I am not normally a fan of books with a wedding plot but I loved this one. This was written in a caring and viable way, reminding me of my own Bridezilla moments and those of my friends, almost  20 years ago. Funny how timeless the Bridezilla Phenomenon is, how quickly it bonds and relates the story to you. I loved it. I could not put it down and think that this is a series I should go back and read.  The cover is spectacular and even the bit characters stood out to me, and I hope they stand out to you too.
Love is in the air at Fairy Tale Cupcakes as Angie prepares for her wedding, but co-owner, Mel, is preparing for a breakup. Her old friend, Diane Earnest, is dumping her fiancĂ© after discovering he’s only marrying her for her money. She wants Mel to personally deliver a batch of caramel breakup cupcakes to the louse and give her a play-by-play of his reaction. When Mel finally tracks the man down, the look on his face isn’t the reaction she was expecting: he’s dead. After the police arrive and see the incriminating cupcakes, Diane becomes their prime suspect. If she hopes to taste freedom again, Mel and Angie must make sure the real killer gets their just desserts...

Caramel Crush is out now and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Linda Reilly's A Frying Shame

I was absolutely delighted by Linda Reilly's A Frying Shame. I loved the title and the cover and really enjoyed the story line as well. I have not read this series before now and I felt right at home with this book. I loved the storyline of the cooking contest rouse as well as the murder mystery. There are parts of this story and investigation that felt really well researched and I enjoyed the way the characters responded "honestly and realistically" to the situations they all faced. This is one to pick up for sure. I am hoping there will be a book 4 Great ending and makes you long to read more. 

The town of Wrensdale is abuzz with excitement when Steeltop Foods sponsors a cooking contest to promote its new product, the Flavor Dial. With a $25,000 prize at stake, all the contestants are on edge, including Talia Marby, owner of Fry Me A Sliver. She hopes her mini deep-fried apple pies will win her the money to pay off the renovations on her restaurant. But when Norma Ferguson wins with her flaky-top chicken stew, the tensions dial up even more. After Norma is found dead at her cooking station, the police suspect a losing contestant got a little too hot under the collar. Now it’s crunch time as Talia works to catch the killer and clear her name before another cook gets burned.
This book is out now and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here. 
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Special Request and Announcement From My Etsy Shop Tea Leaves and Angel Wings

Today I am writing a very special post about a dear friend of mine who is in need of assistance. A few years ago I was introduced to a remarkable and inspiring lady who pushed me into writing about the books I was reading and enjoying and who gave me the kick I needed to reach out to others and start  this blog, A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery Blog. That lady's name is Lisa K of Lisa K's book reviews. Lisa introduced me to some of my most favorite and admired authors and paved the way to help me get noticed as a professional reader and blogger. I owe her a great deal of respect and thanks for the opportunity to share daily with all of you.

  Over the past year Lisa and her family have gone through tremendous hardship. Lisa and her sister who live together, experienced a huge loss when their older brother passed away after a brief and impossible battle with brain cancer. During this time one of her sisters, whom she lives with lost her job and in the year that they have been living off of her sisters savings, which has ultimately run out. Lisa's sister has also become ill and unable to find work. Lisa herself is on disability and she and her sister have been trying to make ends meet on just that. Unfortunately things have become quite dire and the sisters are in danger of losing their rental housing. One of the authors Lisa has tirelessly supported & promoted has kindly set up a fundraiser to help Lisa and her sister cover their back rent. Many of the authors, bloggers and readers in the cozy community are doing what they can to help these sisters get on their feet again.  If you would like to help Lisa and her sister in this way please click here for the Go Fund Me Raiser.  A huge thank you to Author Julie Seedorf for spearheading this fundraising effort. 

This leads me to my next announcement. I have very recently reopened my Etsy shop in order  to try to help bring in funds to help Lisa and her sister. 

While it is my goal is soon offer my own line of cozy teas, I am currently offering three types of card readings that proceeds will go to helping Lisa and her sister with their expenses.  I have renamed my

If you are reading this post today and you are in a position to help with information on how to access services and funding as a person with disabilities living in the USA and you are able to share that with me I would appreciate it so that I may pass it on to Lisa and her sister.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my friend and if you can add her and her sister to your prayer list I would be forever grateful. Thank you for taking the time to join me for a cup of tea and a cozy call for help. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment below or email me at