Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tea Time Emergency Craft Anyone?

Last Saturday night I had a craft night at my place. We all brought our own crafts and had fun visiting and sharing great food while crafting. I had found earlier in the week this great idea from Craft Gossip to make a very cute tea time craft. I made mine a bit differently but I used items from the dollar store. A rescued teaspoon from the charity shop and one of my special Stash Tea Christmas teas to make this very sweet emergency tea stash.
This is the one that Craft Gossip Shared. I loved it and made some changes on mine.
You can find the craft idea and more photos by clicking here. 
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lost Books and Old Bones by Paige Shelton

Oh this was so good! I have book hangover. I loved Lost Books and Old Bones by Paige Shelton. This is a great read. This cozy mystery is Scotland based and a great mystery with lots of twists, history and fun artifacts await you inside!
A dream job, friends and family made up of the people you surround yourself with. Local lore and legend and a whole lot of mystery and fun await you. Book three is one you are going to want to read. Actually the series is binge worthy.  This one is out April 3rd by Minotaur books and one not to miss!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Pie To Vie For Kathryn Lin

Monday I read this lovely short cozy mystery by Kathryn Lin called A Pie to View For. I immediately loved that the main character  Olivia, was a mom, and who had recently bought an old VW Bus for her and her daughter to "Glamp" in. Visiting her parents on the trip her Van breaks down and is need of costly repairs. She is motivated to enter the town baking contest in order to help over the cost of repairs should she win the baking contest. Overcoming her dislike of one of my most favorite pies she sets to work, but she has some stiff competition and a strong connection to the town. I loved this very short mystery and I think you will too. It really was a very sweet short cozy mystery.
This is a short story that can be read as a stand-alone or as a prologue to the Olivia Faulkner Mysteries series. It is shorter than the rest of the books in the series which are all full length novels.Olivia planned on a summer road trip across the country, but she ends up stuck in her childhood home in Grand Arbor Township when her camper van breaks down. Good thing there's a $1000 grand prize in this year's Grand Arbor Cherry Festival Pie Baking Contest... The problem is--somebody is determined to make sure nobody wins.Can Olivia find out who's sabotaging the contest or will this year be the last cherry festival in Grand Arbor?

I got mine on Amazon and you can find it by clicking here. 
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Monday, March 19, 2018

Stinging Nettle, Spearmint and Wild Strawberry Tea from Mr. Bannock Indigenous Cuisine...

This past week I had a few particularly wonderful finds. One was the most lovely and refreshing herbal teas I have ever had from my favorite local Food Truck. Mr. Bannock,  here in North Vancouver and the other is the beautiful blue Aynsley Teacup from a local Charity Shop.

When I first was given the tea to try from local Chef Paul Natrall of Mr. Bannock  I was excited by how the tea smelled, I was so thrilled when the tea tasted exactly as it smelled! This delicate blend of Stinging nettle, spearmint and wild strawberry makes an incredibly refreshing tea both hot or cold! (Logo doesn't appear in the cup, but with a touch of magic it does in mine)
Mr. Bannock's food truck is a delight and his Indian Tacos are my most favorite. If you are ever in Vancouver you need to come try his menu and the tea especially! Click here to learn more about Mr. Bannock and where you can track down the food truck and this wonderful tea! 
My new blue teacup is lovely to sip this tea from and I was very excited to bring it home.
Mia was too! A great find at $8 don't you think?
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Magical Match by Juliet Blackwell

Such a wonderful treat to get to read A Magical Match by Juliet Blackwell. This is one of my most favorite paranormal cozy mystery series and one of my favorites so far in the series! Lily has such a great storyline in this book, an unlikely alliance, and a wedding to get ready for, oh and she is hosting a fundraiser in the shop on top of trying to find a murder to get her fiance out of jail. This was a hit the ground running type of cozy, not a stop and smell the roses one. I loved it fast and forward thinking, not a lot of time for self doubt but enough to make you worry for Lily and Oscar!. Out April 3rd I already cannot wait for the next one!
Lily Ivory and her friends are planning a 1950s-themed brunch to benefit the local women's shelter. When a figure from her past shows up unannounced, threatening her unless she returns something that belonged to him, Lily's fiancĂ©, Sailor, steps in to defend her. After the same man is found dead later that day, Sailor is the primary suspect. He swears he's innocent, but multiple witnesses ID him as the perpetrator of the assault. Lily vows to clear his name...only she's not sure where to start with the mounting evidence against him. 

When she sees Sailor in the neighborhood despite knowing he's in jail, Lily starts to wonder if there could be a doppelganger in San Francisco. When she's not busy helping customers find matching outfits for the upcoming event, searching for a vintage wedding dress for her own nuptials, and dealing with an ill-timed magical cold, Lily begins to suspect one of her magical foes is targeting her loved ones in an attempt to weaken her.

You can find A Magical Match on by clicking here. 
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

On My Table and In My Cup March 10th to the 17th.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my table to yours. This week has been a busy one and I have had some amazing books and teas cross my table. I also had a great teacup find this week too! Today is the first day of our Spring Break Vacation and I am thrilled to have this break.
Monday I will share more about this teacup and its contents but I will say this it is a lovely local teasaine in a treasure of a find! Stinging Nettles, Spearmint and Wild Strawberry make for a very refreshing and delightful tea blend. Mr. Bannock has this special tea on his Vancouver Food Truck, I will share more on Monday.  The cup is my teacup rescue, an Aynsley and in a lovely cobalt blue and gold.
Tomorrow I will share my love of A Magical Match by Juliet Blackwell. I could not resist and had to devour this book like all her other books in this series!
 I have had some wonderful luck with some cozy shorts this week and I downloaded A Pie to Vie For earlier this week.
Cozy shorts like the two shown above are wonderful to have cued up and waiting on your  Kindle App I have it on my phone and Ipad and that way I am rarely without something great to read.
Apple Seeds and Murderous Deeds by Kathy Cranston was a wonderful Irish Cozy Read, grab this one on Amazon for sure!
Jenna St. James had a great read with Picture Perfect Murder, a book I bought a few weeks ago and it is a long running series so I am thrilled to know I can pick up and not wait to carry on in this series.
Tea and Murder was another wonderful Amazon find, this one with a paranormal twist, great title and fun characters was another great start to a series for me.
While our Luck O' The Cozies Event is running this weekend and off to an amazing start. I wanted to share another upcoming Book Release Event for Kathleen Bridges' Death By The Sea April 3rd! I hope you can join us! Click here to learn more. 

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Fancy Friday Finds Inspired by Kathleen Bridge's Upcoming New Book Death By The Sea...

This week I am writing about a teacup I was very excited to find that reminded me of Kathleen Bridge's upcoming book Death by the Sea.
If only I had the unlimited funds at my disposal this beauty would be in my collection for sure! I found this stunner in the Goodbuyantique's Etsy shop for just under $200 CND. I think it would look great on my table and I would love using it!
Even the colors would go beautifully with this cover don't you think?
The vivid colors of this set also caught my eye this teacup priced just under $100 is also a stunner! This one is offered by the VintageTeacup Etsy story you can find it by clicking here. 

Last but not least today in my Fancy Friday finds is this set of beautiful bookends. I would buy these in a heartbeat! They remind me so much of the wonderful bird companion I cannot wait for you to meet in Kathleen Bridge's upcoming book Death by the Sea. Click here to see these bookends in the LesCurieux Etsy shop. 

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