Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Toast and Jam by Sarah Owens

Today I am reviewing a book I am most excited to have been selected to review. Toast and Jam. If ever there was a cookbook I wish I could write it would be this one. This is a very cool book. So many amazing rustic inspired breads that should be apart of our daily lives and not unattainable. The directions in this book for a bread starter is exactly what I was looking for. The demystification of how the process works and the names of some of the breads in this book will make you want to give this a try as well. Even if you prefer to buy your breads it is hard to ignore the pull of the need to make and taste Moon bread, Chocolate and Orange Sourdough and the allure of Black Bread. Moving on the cracker , cakes and scone section of the book and the need to make dipping chips, pistachio Cardamom crumb muffins along with baked pain perdu....
When I finally got to the jam section I had to do something I do not often do which is I put my ipad down went to the computer and PRE ORDERED A COPY OF THIS BOOK. I knew then and there this was a book I had to hold in my hands and have on my shelf, coffee table and kitchen. 
I can not wait to make Strawberry and Meyer Lemon Preserves, Peach and Tea Preserves and Spiced Plum Preseves....Vanilla Marmalade, yes that is a thing I need too!
but wait still 4 more sections of this book to go...page after page of mouth watering and easily assembled joy! 
Sweet spreads, nut butters, savory spreads and condiments, pickles and more. I have pre ordered my own book from The Book Depository with free shipping world wide (as I live in Canada this is my prefered method of ordering books) and now I anxiously await it's arrival.  You can find yours by clicking here from The Book Depository.

I can not wait to try these recipes and I hope you will join me in ordering and experimenting with these lovely recipes.
You can find this book on The Book Depository by clicking here
On Amazon by clicking here.
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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Three Amigos Summer Reading Club Week 2

This is our second week and our theme is Destination Books. You know where the main character packs up and leaves their cozy town on a trip.... My selection for this weeks theme is a book from a series I love by Melanie O'Hara and her Traveling Tea Ladies Series. I first found out about this series from Tea Time Magazine and I ordered mine from The Book Depository one by one and loved each book in the series. My choice for today's destination read is Death In The Low Country. 

Former tea room owner, Amelia Spencer, and her fun-loving friends are known about their small town of Dogwood Cove, Tennessee as "The Traveling Tea Ladies" because everywhere their tea travels take them, murder and mayhem seem to follow. When the ladies participate in the Fancy Foods Show in Savannah, Georgia, they are soon confronted with an overbearing vendor, Dolly Jean, who insists she is the next Paula Deen. Dolly proves she will go to any lengths to steal the coveted blue ribbon award for best recipe even if she has to lie, steal, cheat and sleep her way to the the top including sabataging Amelia and Cassandra's cooking demonstration. When Dolly ends up murdered by her own low country recipe, the ladies know they've got to take action and find the killer or they may find themselves the next target! Strong women, strong tea and even stronger friendships are steeped in this mystery! The Traveling Tea Ladies Death in the Low Country will leave you screaming for MORE! Tea-infused recipes and a resource guide of Savannah are included in this book.
Click here to order your own copy from The Book Depository with free shipping worldwide.

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Please leave us each comments below and on each blog letting us know you are reading along with us, adding to your TBR pile or if you would like to share your own ideas for this weeks theme! We love hearing from you. So please remember to comment and share!
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ice Whine and Irish Cheddar by Judy Volhart

I was beyond delighted to have Ice Whine and Irish Cheddar, book two in the Whine & Cheese Cozy Mystery Series by Canadian Author Judy Volhart. This is an interesting concept for a cozy mystery, the main character moves to a small town and opens a wine and cheese bistro. The menu features cheeses and wines with very cool tongue and cheek names names. On top of a great menu, main character Amalia has her best friend working for her, a boyfriend she could at one time only dream about and another murder victim on the premises!  I love this character, her very well meaning parents and I appreciate the Ontario Canada setting! While Ontario is towards the opposite side of where I live, I have visited Ontario and love the way Judy writes that makes it easy to see what it is like to live in Ontario in the winter. This mystery was not easy for me to figure out who did it and I loved the murder weapon in this story! You will have to read it to find out what I mean. Great cozy and fun to read in the sweltering heat of summer!

Will she be sharp, like an aged Irish Cheddar, or crumble like an aged Asiago?

Ice Whine and Irish Cheddar is out now and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here. 

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

On My Table and In My Cup June 17-24th

A very hot Saturday on the menu for today, one last week of school for the kids and the temperature is rising here.  Summer arrived with full force  this week and with it the need for summer reads. We started this week with our 11 week Three Amigos Summer Reading club, I hope you have enjoyed our first three summer suggestions and I can not wait for Monday to reveal the next ones! I was thrilled to receive Judy Volhart's Ice Whine and Irish Cheddar in the mail this week, I read it in one sitting and look forward to sharing my review with you tomorrow. 
I enjoy toast and jam daily so when I was approved to review Toast & Jam I was very delighted!
This book is out August 15th and if you have a foodie in the house this is a book you will need to own! Look for my review later this week.
I had Killer Party on my table this week by Lynn Cahoon. This long running series gets more interesting with each book and I know you will enjoy this one for sure. Out July 18th now is the  time to pre order this one!
Another fun summer read and this one called The Fiesta Burger Murder is a first in series from author Rosie A. Point. While the cover doesn't give the cozy feeling, the book does for sure and the cover makes me hungry! This one is out July 4th and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with this story line and theme.
The Decorator Who Knew Too Much by Diane Vallere was a read I was not expecting to evoke such emotion in me! I enjoyed this delightful mystery and it was a new series for me. This one is out now and a great summer read for sure. The cover is spot on with the series and I love that what you see is what you can expect from this fun vintage loving series. 

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Fancy Friday Finds

Welcome to Fancy Friday and as it is the first Friday of Summer I thought I would share some of my recent Etsy favorites. While I am not a camper myself, I would love a camper like this one to turn into a traveling tea oasis and this Mug Rug I found struck my fancy! This is from QuiltinCats Etsy shop and is now on my Etsy favorites and Elfster list, I really would like this! Click here to see this shop and listing...oh and if you happen to have a small trailer you are not using send it my way and I would make good use of it! 
keeping with the whole vintage glamping theme, I found these beauties! In  1350 North Vintage Etsy shop these 1950 stunners would be a fun addition to my tea parties don't you think? Click here to see these beauties and more! 
If I had a trailer I would also have this Tea banner, actually I might get the tea banner anyway! This banner caught my eye in the Tunes and Spoon's Etsy Shop. Seriously love this idea! Click here for this fun shop and listing.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Grave Prediction Spotlight on a fantastic series by Victoria Laurie

It feels like just yesterday I read A Grave Prediction by Victoria Laurie, I read it when it came out in hardback last year and am so excited it is out in paperback. This is a Psychic Eye Mystery, number 14 and yes I have read them all! You can read my review from last year by clicking here.
Victoria Laurie is an author that I first fell in love with at my local library. Spinning the racks one of her books literally jumped from the rack and into my hands. True story that is how I used to pick my books, let the kids get their books in the kid section which was beside the cozies and as they spent their three minutes looking, I would spin the rack and what fell came home....try it sometime it is a fun way of discovering new series.
In A Grave Prediction, main character Abby is hired to help train FBI members in LA, you can imagine the lack of welcome she receives! However this is an action packed and exciting read with every bit of magic Victoria Laurie has created to captivate the readers since book one!

"In Victoria Laurie s new Psychic Eye mystery, Abby Cooper learns that following the money often leads to murder . . . Professional psychics learn to deal with skeptics, but Abby has to prepare herself for one steep uphill battle when she s sent to San Diego to help train FBI officers to use their intuition. Her first challenge: a series of bank robberies in which the thieves made off with loads of cash but left no clues. Abby s sixth sense leads her team to a tract of land recently cleared for development. But instead of finding clues to the cash, Abby gets a vision of four buried bodies. A site search turns up some bones and pottery from an American Indian tribe, but that s still enough to delay construction for years. With a furious developer and dubious FBI agents on her back, Abby is losing credibility fast. But unlike the best laid plans, Abby s talent rarely leads her astray. And if the bodies aren t there yet, that means that four deaths can still be stopped. She ll just have to dig a little deeper . . ."

A Grave Prediction is out now and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here.
Learn more about author Victoria Laurie and this series by clicking here for her author website

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Killer Party by Lynn Cahoon

Late last night I finished Killer Party by Lynn Cahoon. This long running series is a favorite of mine and this one did not disappoint. Great friction, mystery and compelling relationships in this cozy mystery. I loved the setting, a grand Castle and the idea of the hotel attached to it and in it. Easy to picture the setting  and I liked the way Lynn wrote about her character's relationships and town happenings. This town gets more interesting by the book! This one is a great addition and it is out  July 18th.

You can pre order on Amazon by clicking here
Learn more about Lynn and her amazing series by clicking here.
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