Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Laura Childs Devonshire Scream

Laura Child's Devonshire Scream kept me busy through the long stretch of highway in Nevada last week on my Spring break vacation. Driving through a very hot and lovely desert with not even a rest stop for hours I found myself immersed in the wonderful world and mystery of Devonshire Scream. Such a treat to have this book on my table. I did not read it when it came out last year in hardcover and I so enjoyed having the chance to read and review it now. I think this may be my favorite in this series. Laura Childs has such wonderful and rich characters, and a true understanding and love of all things tea. I enjoyed the themed tea ideas as much as the mystery itself. Perhaps it is because I loved the theme and mystery around the Romanoff family and this mystery has jewels and a precious egg that once belonged to the Russian Royal family, but it is a story about so much more. This one is action packed, filled with charm and delightful tea suggestions that will leave your mouth watering as it did mine all the way to Phoenix! This is out now in paper back.
Catering a high-class trunk show at Heart's Desire Jewelry is a shining achievement for Theodosia and the Indigo Tea Shop. After all, a slew of jewelers, museum curators, and private collectors will be there to showcase their wares and sip some of Theo's best blends. But just as Theo settles in to enjoy the fruits of her labor, the party is crashed by a gang of masked muggers who steal the precious gems and jewels on display. The thieves disappear almost as quickly as they arrived, leaving shattered glass, scattered gemstones, and a dead body in their wake.   Although the last thing Theo wants is to get involved, she can't help but intercede when her dear friend Brooke, aunt of the victim and owner of Heart's Desire, begs for help in figuring out who committed the brutal burglary. Though the FBI believes this daring "smash and grab" is the work of an international gang of jewel thieves, Theo is convinced that the felon is someone much closer to home... 

To order your own paperback copy of Devonshire Scream by Laura Childs please click here.
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Monday, March 27, 2017

CeeCee James The Tempting Taste of Danger

The first book I read on my trip last week was CeeCee James The Tempting Taste of Danger. This is book four in the Angel Lake Mystery series and it was a very good read. The book has an Alice in Wonderland theme that I really enjoyed. This was a great concept for a mystery and even if you are not an Alice in Wonderland buff you will still really enjoy this mystery. I did not have the killer figured out before the big reveal and I really enjoy this series. This is out now and lots of fun!
The only thing worse than a noisy bookstore is patrons literally dying to get out.Elise Pepper has landed her dream job at the Capture The Magic book store. Peace and quiet and thousands of books to herself – including a $2m first edition of Alice in Wonderland. What more could she ask for? It can’t last of course. Her blissful solitude is rudely interrupted when someone turns the second floor of the building into a Down the Rabbit Hole-themed escape room. But the noise is the least of her worries – what’s worse is the dead bank executive upstairs and the missing first edition. Now Elise is suspected of both theft and murder, even as the killer taunts her with Alice in Wonderland clues. Can she find out who did it before she takes the fall for the crime?

Click here to learn more about this cozy mystery book currently priced at 99 cents! A steal for sure!

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Break 2017, A look back...

Home. After 9 days and several 12 hour drives in the car, we are home. I spent the last nine days with my family driving all over the USA.

We went to see Nascar in Arizona and Universal Studios in L.A. It was a memorable trip for sure. We experienced every weather you could imagine. We had Snow through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern Nevada. Unbelievable heat last Sunday in Phoenix. More then 100+ degrees at the track. Hottest on record for any cup car race ever! I wish I could say I turned the boys in to Nascar fans but I think they will stick to hockey instead. The heat and noise did not move them as it does me!

 We had rain in LA and beautiful sun but wind in Palm Desert where we met up with our family. Coming home we had rain and wind and home now to light spring rain. I am amazed at how much we were able to do and how much driving my husband did in the last nine days. I am equally amazed at how much the boys grew since our last visit in 2014.

Palm Springs, and the surrounding desert cities are very special to my husband and I. We love it there. I would move there in a heartbeat if we could make it work. My youngest son was amazed and thrilled to pick his own fruit in his Great Uncle and Aunt's front yard on Thursday. Nothing like a warm and freshly picked pink grapefruit, lemons or oranges. You just can not find that magic where we live.
Our youngest is currently into the Harry Potter Series and was delighted to bring home a new friend from Universal. I took my tea cup, saucer and tea pot with me of course. Some comforts of home, I wont leave without.
Some people love the magic of Disney but it has nothing on the Hogsmead area of Universal. No mouse could have moved my son the way the Harry Potter experience did. Magic in every step. We were enchanted.
Universal has something for everyone and this Witch approves.

Sadly Madam Puddifoot was out of Scones so her tea room was "closed" amazing display, beauty and magic in this very inspiring tea room.
I also managed to read 4 cozies on the trip. I will bring you reviews starting tomorrow. For now I am unpacking, doing laundry and catching up on more then 700 email!
Thank you for stopping by while I was away and I hope you do not mind indulging me with this look back at my Spring Break Trip!
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

On My Table and In My Cup March 18-25th

A very busy week has come to a close and I am pleased to have you join me here again for a cup of tea and catching up on the weeks events.

 This week I shared a few tea time crafts, cozy reviews and a personal poem I wrote and hope you enjoyed.
I am so thankful to Vicki Delany a very busy author who took the time to stop by and share about her exciting new release Elementary She Read.
This week I shared that I had finished the 5th book in the Coffee and Ghosts Series, Must Love Ghosts, what a great series this was. I am so glad I took a chance on it and purchased it!

I have been enjoying different teas all week and finding a few new treasures and experiencing new things for the last 7 days. I have much to tell you and share in the coming days and I thank you so much for joining me here today to see what has been on my table and in my cup this week. I hope you will check back in with me to learn more.
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Hidden Treasure At The Cat Nip Hotel by Luna Snow

I read Hidden Treasure At The Cat Nip Hotel by Luna Snow and it left me with a wonderful warm and cozy feeling. This is a sweet cozy mystery short, reads easy and is a beautiful blend of romance and mystery but not at all typical. The romance is the mystery, tied up in a beautiful story. The only fault I could find with this book was two spelling errors 63% of the way through. I am in no way the grammar police and would not normally mention it but for some I think it may be a big deal. This book made me happy, gave me a warm feeling and the desire to read more. I would not hesitate to read another in this series. This book is 87 pages long and at the time or reading it it was a free amazon cozy. Click here for link to the book.

Bea Traverne, the famous author, recluse and cat lover has died, leaving her old and rambling house and contents to her great niece -Eleanor Hamilton. With five cats and an old mansion to look after Eleanor wonders what she should do, and finally decides to open a Cat Lovers Hotel. Bea has also left her great niece a draft of her final novel -yet to be published. When the strange Reginald Williams arrives and asks for a room in the hotel it is just the start of her adventure. The old eccentric man has a psychic gift and can hear the dearly departed Bea Traverne speaking to him from beyond the grave. What messages are the spirits sending? Is great aunt Bea's last book purely fiction and what exactly did happen to the Lost Blue Diamond of Jaipur? Not all is as it first appears in this cozy mystery full of intrigue, romance and of course cats!

Click here to learn more about this book and to down load it from Amazon.
Find out more about books by Luna Snow on Goodreads by clicking here.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mrs.Bunny Rabbit Tea Cozy By J.J. Waugh A Free Cozy Knit Pattern

Today I am sharing the most wonderful Mrs. Bunny Rabbit Tea Cozy Pattern by J.J. Waugh, that can be found free on Ravelery.  With Easter coming up I wanted to share this with you so that of you were inclined you might wish to add this to your holiday tea table.

In addition to creating this wonderful pattern and sharing it free of charge J.J. Waugh also is doing something wonderful for the Terry Fox Foundation by encouraging others to pay it forward and donate through the Canada Helps.Org. The Terry Fox Foundation raises money for Cancer Research and is a charity personally I have supported for years. You can find out more about J.J. Waugh's fundraiser by clicking here.
To down load this pattern please click here

If you are talented with knitting needles and do make this would you please consider sharing your photo with me? Please feel free to email me at karenmowen@gmail.com. I am very much a beginner when it comes to knitting and I aspire to one day be talented enough to create this charming cozy.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Chat With Author Vicki Delany

Today I am thrilled to bring you an interview with author Vicki Delany about her newly released book Elementary She Read. This is the first in a new series that I was thrilled to get an ARC of and it was a story I really enjoyed.
KMOT: Thank you Vicki for joing us today.  When writing Elementary She Read what sustained you? Coffee, Tea or other?

You can connect with Vicki Delany (Also writing as Eva Gates) on Facebook by clicking here.
Learn about Vicki/Eva's books by clicking here for her Author Website.
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